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B.Y.O.V. #34 Heartwood 26/2/20

Alice Coltrane Turiyasagitananda - The Ecstatic Music of... (Side C)

Johnny Horton - Springtime in Alaska

Death - Lack of Comprehension

Kenny & the Beach Boys - Yesterday

Organectomy - Archaic Infestation

Pat Hervey - The Many Moods of My Baby

James Blood Ulmer - Stand Up To Yourself

Charlie Daniels Band - Devil Went Down to Georgia

Cryptopsy - Phobophile

Terry Allen & the Panhandle Mystery Band - Cocktail Desperado

Bad Brains - Voyage to Eternity

Mike Watt & the Black Gang - 30 Days in the Hole

Peter Gabriel - Across the River

Big Bird - ABC-DEF-GHI

Marshall McLuhan - excerpt from side 2 of The Medium is the Massage

Warren Zevon - Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner

Patrick Cowley - Megatron Man

Wheedle's Groove - Babyback

First Life - Be One of Us

Sonic's Rendezvous Band - City Slang

Lids - Sarsfest

Dennis Wilson - Thoughts of You

Sault - Up All Night

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