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No vinyl?
No problem!

Bring your 33s, your 45s, even your 78s, out to air.  This nite is a place where vinyl records reign supreme. In the onslaught of streaming algorithms, come see what kind of magic the human algorithms of vinyl nite have in store for you.


The turntables are on, you provide the song and the introduction. Say it any way you like.  Seen the band live? Remind you of something, or someone? How'd you get it? 


Every song tells a story, what's yours?

Looking for hidden treasure?

Upcoming events

The last event The Bicycle hosted was Bring Your Own Vinyl #31 all the way back in 2020; it's about time we meet up out that way again! Reason #1 Cuz it's just so much fun when everyone brings platters to spin and rap about. Reason #2 You're gonna rock the trivia and the prize will be awesome. Reason #3 Peter and the crew invested in some Technics decks and carted their record collection over to the Bicycle (!!!) Reason #4 The back room and the Bicycle is just about one of the coziest spots to sit back with friends and enjoy some tunes, tales and whatever's on tap. Reason #5 Because the last time we got together for a BYOV at the Bicycle the playlist was amazing (check out the list for BYOV #31)

Saturday March 11


The Bicycle Cafe


Tel. 123-456-7890

Fax. 123-456-7890

500 Terry Francois Street, 
San Francisco, CA 94158


No vinyl? No problem! Peruse the collection, make a selection and it will be waiting for you at the next BYOV.

Thanks! Message sent.

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